In the past months the Poggenpohl company have carefully researched Russian market. As a result of this research is the understanding of the fact that it is essential for Poggenpohl product promotion in Russia to improve communications between Poggenpohl and Russian dealers, as well as to find a way for continuously dealers updating on the latest product and marketing developments of the company.
Company management came to the conclusion that this can only be achieved by a professional who is familiar with both the local market environment in Russia and the kitchen market.

As a result, the Poggenpohl company stopped the choice on FTF Holding.

We are pleased to announce that since 01.04.13 an agreement for cooperation between Poggenpohl and FTF Holding was entered into force, represented by Mr. Anatoly Mukanaev, who will be acting as representative for Poggenpohl within the Russian market.

Exclusive LEOLUX distribution Dealers Conference Poggenpohl

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